Flash Back: Avid Xpress DV

Tonight, I had a fun little adventure into my past.

I sent my info into a studio casting a 30-something mom for a commercial.  At 30, and a mom, I believe I fit the bill pretty well.  He asked if I had clips on line.  Oops.  No.  Not at all.  So I had to go digging for this little industrial I shot for Avid Xpress DV.  It feels like ages ago, when really it was only 2001.

So, it’s online now, and, if you’re ever so curious, you can go watch it.  I have to warn you, though, I seriously look and sound closer to twelve than my actual age of 22.  Makes me wonder how I managed to age from looking 12 to looking 30 so suddenly.  Sigh.

Avid Xpress DV Industrial

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