read this; you’ll feel better

Embarrassments are, um, embarrassing.  Here, read mine and then you’ll feel better about yours.

  1. We’ve been cooped up in the house with an ugly fever since Sunday.  Yesterday, I walked in the door after being outside for the first time in days and realized that my house smells like…farts.
  2. Today, Do-bug was well enough to go back to school.  Yay!  Dada drove her in.  And then I got a call, “Um…is there school today?  There doesn’t really seem to be anyone there.”  So I checked the calendar where it says in bold letters, NO SCHOOL.  Her teacher came out at the same time to witness our mortification.  And then I realized that this is what it meant on my calendar for last week when I had a note written to myself to sign Do-bug up for Discovery Care.

Feel better?

Good; thought you would.

I’m going to go light a candle.

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