SerahRose hits Kat in the nose

Fighting Faces

It turns out I make a lot of funny faces when I fight.

  • The Why-am-I-never-in-the-right-place-for-this-move Face
  • The You-may-be-the-sheriff-but-this-is-the-face-I-make-at-my-dad-when-I'm-pissed-just-ask-my-dad Face
  • The Its-HOT-and-I'm-wearing-black-plastic Face
  • The Why-are-you-so-large-and-in-my-way Face
  • The Oh-Dear-He's-Picking-Me-Up Face
  • The Oh-crap Face
  • The Oh-Crap-He-Picked-Me-Up Face
  • The It's-a--good-thing-you're-five-times-my-size-because-I-would-kick-your-arse Face
  • The Watch-me-deftly-draw-my-sword Face.
  • The Fierce Face
  • The I-love-this-shit Face.

Photo Credits vary and are from several talented photographers who visited both rehearsals and performances for Mutton & Mead.

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