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In My Mind’s Eye, said the 4 year old

Last Month

Avi: Mama, did you know, that sometimes I say things to myself in my head?

Mama: Did you know, that a lot of people do that? It’s how we think.

This Month

Avi:  There is a metal bar. Here. (she taps on her forehead) And there are all these pictures hanging from it.  That I see.

Mama: What kinds of pictures?

Avi: You and Dada and me!  Suzy and Cocoa.  There are three bars.  Here, here, and here (she taps her high forehead, middle forehead, and the bridge of her nose).  And they’re full of pictures.  And sleep is not one of them.  I can’t see sleep.

Summer Bravery

4 wasp stings

2 on the right arm
1 on the left arm
1 on the belly

no tears

a shriek and shout for mama
a dance of pain and shock
a dash across the pavement into my arms

no tears

a big bear hug and a clawing at the small red pin pricks




my child’s bemused smile as she declares to the room “that’s what happens when you explore, you get boo-boos.”

i have a brave, brave child.