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auspicious beginnings: my numerological year of grace

some years ago, i’ve lost track of when, i made the discovery that i will be turning 33 on 11/11/11.

That’s 4 powerful numbers all lined up in honor of my birth.

i’ve been dreaming of a massive party ever since.

i just never figured it would come so soon.

i’ve got an hour left of 1/1/11 and then the count down is on.

i feel kind of under pressure, actually.  shouldn’t someone with such a birthday be ruling the world by now or living on a higher plane perhaps?  and what if my party stinks?

the birth of a new year has done little to make me worry less about life…but it’s all good.  i’ve made my wishes for the day and on 11/11/11 i’ll make a few more.  and then i’ll tell myself what i tell my child, “the best wishes are the ones you make come true.”

Happy New Year, World.