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You can follow me on Twitter, where I tweet not for myself but for GAN-e-meed Theatre Project.
You can friend me on Facebook, but you won’t get access to my wall until I know you personally and might actually call you “friend” in real life. Sorry, all’s fair in social networking.
I’m also on LinkedIn. Just in case you’re dying to see more of my resume, or at least, what I’ve posted of it.

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2 thoughts on “Find Me

  1. Your beach photos
    Hi, I’m the graphics editor at a small Maine newspaper called The Tourist News, in Kennebunk. My boss and I were looking for ideas for our summer edition (we publish weekly in the summer) and we found – and love – a photo that I believe is yours, on your (other) blog. Info about it below.
    I followed links and found you on Flickr, and as I also have photos up here, and left you a message there. Now trying this way!.
    Would you consider allowing us to use this image on the cover? We would give credit and offer a fee.
    Beach Bum
    July 15, 2008 by serahrose
    Why stay home and work when I can go to the beach?

    Geraldine (dinidesign)

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