As a producer, documentation is essential for archival reasons, portfolios, advertising, and finding the oh-so-important funders.  I spent hundreds of dollars on photographers who specialize in other photographic art forms, not theatre.  Their images were beautiful, but not theatrical.  Their photos didn’t tell the story.  But, they had a nicer camera than me so we continued to hire them.  So, I set out to learn performance photography.

Now I own my own fancy camera.  And I’m available to shoot your plays.  Since much of my practice has been on my daughter and her friends, I also do children’s photography.  Plus, the requisite headshots.  Because what actress doesn’t want a lovely shot to sell herself with?

Images are forthcoming as I continue to gather up permissions (most of my subjects are under 18 and permission was only given to the school to publish on their website).  In the meantime, you can request a private link to my online albums for further perusal.

My services are remarkably inexpensive.  If you’re interested, please contact me for more information.

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