Acting takes a helluvalot of energy, time, dedication, and humility.  I would like to say I have all of those things without fail.  I can’t.  But I try and do my best.

Someday I’ll load up a .pdf of my resume.  In the meantime, rest assured that I have played the following:

  • Hamlet in Hamlet.  @ GAN-e-meed Theatre Project. I have never, in my life, been so honored to be a part of such a strong, dedicated, and talented cast.  Their presence will always be as strong a part of my soul as Hamlet himself.
  • Ophelia in Hamlet.  Twice.  @ First Folio Shakespeare Company outside of Chicago and @ the now defunct Theatre Co-op outside of Boston.
  • All the Ladies and some other random characters in Frodo-A-Go-Go: The Rings Recycled. A fully improvised long-form and long-running spoof @ the also defunct Free Associates in Chicago.
  • Liz Morden in Our Country’s Good @ The Theatre Co-op.  One of the few contemporary plays I would fight tooth and nail to direct.
  • Cecily Cardew in The Importance of Being Earnest @ Penobscot Theatre in Maine.  My first big professional show out of college.  Ah, the excitement of living on beans and corn in a hotel room in the dead of winter in Maine.  Actually…it was awesome.
  • Thomasina Coverly in Arcadia @ Brandeis University.  My first big college show.  Directed by Mr. Sam Weisman.  The first time I heard the word “rehearsal skirt.”  The first time I had a dress made just for me.  The first time I was a “star” and felt like it.  Oh, the delicate snobbery.  I was a tender 18 going on 19.
  • The third pig in The Classics Come to Court @ The Learning Community Day School.  I was totally shafted.  I should have played the ugly duckling but that role was given to Timothy.  I got stuck wearing a pink sweat suit and a card board nose.
as Hamlet with Gertrude (Jackie Davis), produced by GAN-e-meed Theatre Project. Photo Credit: Andy Brilliant
as Hamlet, produced by GAN-e-meed Theatre Project. Photo Credit: Andy Brilliant

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