I like ’em.
I learn a lot. And I really like to learn.
It also gives me the chance to practice both public speaking and introducing myself to complete strangers.
I went to two this year.
ATHE in August as an attendee. I brought my computer and this was good.
NAEYC just this past week as both an attendee and a speaker. I brought my computer but forgot the cord and this was very bad. I will not make that mistake again. Ever.
I am now an entire week behind in “stuff to do” and this behind-ness will increase dramatically this week since Avi only goes to school for two days.

Ah, well, in the end, I’m thankful for conferences that give me a chance to stretch my wings. And I’m thankful for credit cards and relatives who afford me the ability to go.
I wish for everyone who should be given this same chance to receive the gift of an educational and career-boosting opportunity.

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