3 Count Fade to Black. Sort of.

Lucy Dreaming closes tonight at The Factory Theatre in Boston.  Produced by GAN-e-meed as part of FeverFest.

We’re operating on a shoe-string for this one.  Well, technically, without a shoe string.

Plus, we got involved late in the game so I didn’t bother to pull in any designers.  I figured I could wing it.

And I can.

Except when it comes to lights.

Because I’ve realized that, as a director, the design element that speaks to me the loudest are the lights.  Costumes run a close second.  The hard part being that I know plenty about costumes and virtually nothing about lighting.

I have visions of halos and shadows, colors and dimensions.  But I can’t get it to come across with my meager knowledge of how to plug in a light and not to touch the bulb or it may explode in my face.

This realization is, quite literally, an eye-opener.

So, my next task….get the lighting skills.

Just what I need, right?  More to do.

3 thoughts on “3 Count Fade to Black. Sort of.

  1. Uhh, you know, I could help you with this. It’s not like I do anything with all that training. So it would make me feel young again.

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