f**king fire alarm, oh how i love thee

i love the way thy little green light blinks to say you will sleep safe tonight

i love the way thou dost blend in so well with my off white ceiling

i love the way thy battery only dies at 5 in the morning

i love the way thou dost bleep every twenty seconds to tell me thy battery is dead

i love the way thou didst wake up my daughter with thy bleeping so she decided she needed to nurse which means i had to spend an entire nursing session listening to thy ear-piercing bleeps

i love how scary it is to pull out thy battery because if i don’t pull fast enough thou wilt do much more than bleep

i love how no matter how many homes i’ve lived in and how many times thou hast done this to me, i never think to have batteries in the house that are sized just for thee

and most of all, i fucking love how thou dost interrupt my sleep

originally written and posted on my momblog in October 2007.  given last night’s wake-up call and the ear-piercing chirping to which i dozed for the next 4 hours, i thought it was time for a re-post.

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