losing profundity

this weekend i took a mini-trip to Martha’s Vineyard with some girlfriends. i distinctly recall having some very important profound thoughts. i even remember what i was looking at.
in the dark room, recovering from an upset stomach, i was staring at the wall paper. it was floral.
studying the angles of a dancing statue in the sunlight.
waiting for the bus across from Alley’s.
watching the wide blue sky stretch on forever.
seeing the ocean spray cascade over the stone wall and hoping the next wave would catch me as i ran by. the droplets in motion, the rough wall immobile, i flying.
but i don’t remember the thoughts. not one.
i’m sure they were important. i told myself they were important. i felt amazed it had taken me so long to find these thoughts.
and now they’re gone.
either my brain has become sieve-like far earlier than it should, or there is a very good reason for it.
i’m taking the latter.

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