A working aesthetic: pulsing, floating, flexible, beautiful collaboration.
Breeds creativity, excitement, enthusiasm and trust.
Becoming a process to reveal a new truth within each collaborator.
In every project every artist has a moment of truth.
I am no exception.


At the heart are the words.
The absence of words.
Strip away the icing.  Needed, wanted, loved, revered icing.
Strip it away and find the words.
Because if there are no words, then there is no story.


Negative space.
Hidden gems.
Pulse, unwind, explode.
Bodies move as we see them in our dreams, in other dimensions, non-linearly.  They become something more.  The story becomes something more.
Place the Unreal inside the Real.  The Real inside the Unreal.
Exaggerate ideas.
Pluck out.
Make you listen.

This Story is Not Mine

I squeeze into a corner watching the artists as they trot forth from the dressing rooms, proud, embarrassed, expectant, nervous, relieved.  This story is yours.  This story is theirs.  They made you take note, listen, and think.  They provided the bricks; I just lovingly slapped in the mortar.


SerahRose Roth’s Directing Resume
SerahRose Roth’s Theatrical CV

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